Rays of Hope

On Saturday, I was able to be apart of a volunteer project for “Rays of Hope for Haiti.” It’s an organization that takes donations of clothes, shoes, food, furniture and medical supplies and ships them to Haiti with other volunteers. The medical supplies is donated by local medical groups who would have thrown away this supplies, (unused and sterile, of course) but was able to find a cause in need.

Basically, my day consisted of organizing and cleaning a massive, abandoned warehouse the organization is using to store all of the supplies. The man that was there to direct us told us that it would cost about $3,000/month to heat the building, and with each shipment of supplies costing around $18,000, they decided to forgo the heat. It was super cold, but completely worth it to spend a few hours getting things prepared for shipment.

I can’t tell you how much stuff was in that place–if the produces of Hoarders had stepped inside, there would be an intervention–but each item was going to be used, which is amazing.

I never knew an organization like this existed, and to see how much has been donated and all of the people who are actively involved supplying people in need with basic amenities they would have had to go without, is really inspiring. I can’t wait for my trip to Georgia!

Because the quantity they have in store, and the huge expense of shipping, money donations would help the most. If you’re able, or would like to make a contribution, you can do so here:http://raysofhopeforhaiti.com/Giving/tabid/56/Default.aspx




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