At Home ‘Bucks

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that paying 4-5 dollars for a coffee drink is a bit ridiculous, especially when it might cost someone that same amount to get to the coffee shop! Coffee prices and gas prices seem to be correlated, so I did a little research and found an easy way to indulge in the same coffee treat, minus the logo and cost.

All you need is brewed coffee, milk, ice, and any sweet add-in of choice. I went for an Iced Mocha, but instead of chocolate syrup, I used a bit of Nutella 🙂 It tasted chocolaty, and had a good amount of protein for the start of the day.

Just add the ingredients together and blend. Mine created a frothy mixture at the top, just like any frozen Starbucks specialty drink, which made me excited. I think next time I’ll add some chocolate chips.

Another great part of this at-home drink is that you know the nutritional content of each item. Many specialty drinks are loaded with calories and sugar, but I used fat-free milk, and a small spoonful of Nutella, so mine was fairly low in that area.



Comments? :)

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